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Preservation is our business and is the critical service Ameriguard provides. Our technology solution flags and routes problematic property conditions as defined by our clients for expedited priority handling.  To protect the value of your assets, whether in default or disposition, a client's investment will be given maximum attention to prevent the damage and depreciation that neglect from poor management can and does cause. With Ameriguard's preservation services, clients can rest assure that their investments will always remain in the best condition possible by providing you the tools to quickly respond to property conditions that need additional , time sensitive services. This results in lower holding and disposition costs, fewer fines, a higher net recovery and fewer failed audits.

The importance of communication arises again with these services. Once a client communicates a need directly or as the result of information we provided, Ameriguard responds to and completes the maintenance request in a steadfast manner. With all preservation services, Ameriguard will complete a Property Condition Report that outlines the most urgent issues afflicting a client's investment along with a bid. This attention to detail establishes a course of action for repairing conditions that negatively affect a client's property. Ameriguard seeks to maintain investment value, fight urban blight, mitigate citations, and minimize hazard claims. There is not a better way to uphold the value and appearance of a property than through Ameriguard's services.

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Ameriguard's Preservation Services

          Lock Change
 Grass Cut
         Winterization  Landscape Maintainance
         De-Winterization  Snow Removal
         Boading  Roof Repair and Tarping
         Screening/Glazing  Mold Remediation
         Exterior Debris Removal
 Abandoned Vehicle Removal
         Interior Debris Removal
 Maid Service
         Debris Moving
 Pool Securing
         General Repairs  Hot Tub Securing

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