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With access to a national network of experienced professional REO brokers, we are able to effectively market your REO assets, maximizing your net recovery and mitigiating your risk.  This allows you to focus on what you do best.

REO Preservation
REO services today are much more comprehensive than years ago. Gone are the days of mere interior cleanings and lawn maintenance. Our goal is not only to maintain marketability amongst REO properties but also to elevate clients' holdings into competition with conventional homeowner listings. We will help you strategically implement the most cost effective solutions to increase the marketability of your assets to maximize net recovery. Our main concern is to address underlying conditions and spruce up a property in order to habituate it into a marketable investment.

Ameriguard has a very specific plan of action on how to quickly complete the right fixes.  This helps avoid renovations that do not significantly increase the value and marketability of your REO property, which can also increasing holding time and costs.  By avoiding these sunk costs you can better manage your REO portfolio and increases your ability to focus on what you do best.  Ameriguard exceeds traditional REO services that only include a brief, surface-level spruce-up and allows clients to retain control over all decisions with a Rehabilitation Plan as their guide.

In addition to Ameriguard's REO assessments and services, the company has obtained contacts with building supply resources for clients to utilize in the process of fixing up their properties. These contact will aide clients with the most cost effective choices for traditionally expensive renovations and cosmetic needs alike, while standardizing the process and ensure the correct quality of materials are installed in each house.  Gone are low and below average building materials being placed in average and high value homes.  With Ameriguard you will have better end results.

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